One of the most exciting parts about the Hot & Healthy Fitness Challenge is the workouts.  Whether you have a gym membership or not you’ll be able to complete these challenging but fun workouts.

Find out more about the workouts in today’s video below:


What you need to know
  • 3 Full workouts a week PLUS one additional bonus Core & Cardio Workout
  • Workouts are posted on facebook the evening BEFORE the workout
  • You’ll get a new warm up each week, complete that warm up before the workout
  • Occasionally we’ll have extra credit at the end of certain workouts.
  • Once you complete the workout comment on the specific thread to let us know your score/time.  THIS is super important for accountability.
  • When you share your workout time it motivates other people in the group to get their workout in.
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Let me know that you’re making the commitment to come back to the workouts EVEN IF you fall off the wagon.