In a weak moment you bought some Oreos. No judgement, happens to me too.

After eating 1 or 2 or 7 you’re over it. Craving satisfied ✅ But for some weird reason you keep them around and continue to snack on them over the next few days. Why are you doing this!? You don’t want to be wasteful? Because starving children in Africa? Because of some other bullshit thing you’re parents said as a kid which is not ingrained in your mind forever?

Stop it.

Grab those cookies and throw them in the trash. RIGHT NOW! 

This is one of the earliest strategies that I give the ladies in my group coaching program. You CAN throw uneaten food away, I give you permission. Don’t keep something in the house until its gone simply because you bought it, so now you must finish it. This bullshit strategy is killing your progress. How can you learn to have a moderate approach to eating if you keep bouncing back and forth between this all or nothing mentality around sugar?

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Back to the good stuff….

I’m not saying that you should go out of your way to be wasteful. But I am saying that its ok to buy a bag of oreos or girl scout cookies (peanut butter patties obviously) once in awhile and eat 2 of them and ditch the rest. Or grab your favorite latte and have 5 drinks and then toss it.

You are a human. You are going to eat sugar once in awhile. This does not make you bad or unhealthy. It makes you normal. You can go on all the dramatic deprivation diets/cleanses/fixes  you want to but eventually, you’re going to eat sugar again and its crazy to expect anything different.

I think, where most people get it wrong, is this idea that you can have no sugar, or an endless free for all, but nothing in between. The “in between” is where you should be striving for. First step to getting there?   Give yourself  permission to eat just a little bit and toss the rest. Don’t keep it around because I promise you the next time your kid is acting like a real asshole you’re going to go straight for the cookies and eat with reckless abandon and then kick yourself later.

That’s no way to live.

Stop what you’re doing, take yourself to the kitchen, and throw some stuff away that isn’t serving you anymore. And while you’re at it snap a pic of the trash can and tag me on Instagram (@hotandhealthylife) I love to see you making progress.

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