Want to continue your workouts through pregnancy but not sure how to adjust them to keep your body and baby safe?

The Pregnant Athlete Training Program is a done for you exercise program that will take the second guessing out of your workouts and give you a head start on your postpartum recovery and fitness. 

  • 4 workouts per week (50+ workouts in all)
  • Video demos for each exercise
  • Strength, conditioning, cardio, and interval style workouts. 
  • Workout calendar 
  • Built in exercise modifications (take the guesswork out of it!)
  • Bonus exercise strategy videos. It's not what you do its how you do it.

We are Heather & Bri. Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coaches here to guide you through your training during this important chapter of your life

You're pregnant!!! What an exciting time of your life! 

We know that you want to continue to workout through your pregnancy. If you're anything like us #gymlife is part of your identiy and you don't want to lose that just because you're pregnant.

We've been in your shoes! 5 times between the two of us. 

The ability to train throughout your pregnancy is crucial for your mental health, but you know that you need to change your approach to exercise during this season of life. 

It's hard to know WHAT to do though right? 

So called "experts" have all kinds of advice on how to exercise safely during your pregnancy. It often sounds like:  

"Just do what you've always done" (Not helpful) "Listen to your body and you'll be fine!" (What are you supposed to listen for tho?) "OMG you're going to lift THAT while pregnant!?" (Annoying) or how about Don't lift anything over 20 pounds (ummm my toddler is 25 so that's not going to work). These opinions are generic and are not based on any evidence. Often times the people giving that advice have no education and no experience training pregnant and postpartum women. This is NOT good enough and it's so confusing! You need better advice and sometimes you simply need someone you trust telling you exactly what to do. That's where we come in. Hundreds of moms who've completed the program have felt that they've been able to train in way that they love while making adjustments for their ever changing body. We know that adjusting your training can be mentally hard, but training your body in the way it needs right now (it's temporary remember) will set you up for a strong return to exercise postpartum. 

BUY NOW - $197

I love this program. Every week I felt confident that I was doing what was best for my pregnant body and my postpartum body. 

I became educated on what kind of movement could be harmful after pregnancy and which were safe for where I was right at that moment. It took the stress and worry away of finding the right movement to do everyday. -Megan

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Click on the Video Below for a Quick Sneak Peek at the Program!

What does the program include?

#1 Your Pregnancy Workouts

"I LOVE this program! I have a schedule to follow and I'm never wondering if what I'm doing is "safe" for pregnancy. Thank you for having a program like this available! I love it. 


Upon purchasing the program you'll receive the entire program and you can begin ASAP. 

You'll get 4 workouts a week, until the last trimester when we back our training down to 3 workouts each week.

This is a complete strength and conditioning program that includes:

Workouts designed for the exact week of pregnancy you're in

  • Strength workouts, cardio workouts, metcons, interval style, and even some prehab 
  • Workouts range from 10-35 Minutes (average workout is approx 25 minutes)
  • Workout PDF & Online access via an app (more on that below)
  • A workout calendar outlining what to do when. 

#2 Video Demos for Every Exercise

"I can’t overstate how encouraging it was to watch the demo videos of Heather pregnant in real time vs a super fit/non-pregnant person doing them because you move differently pregnant."

-Sarah P

Need a quick video reminder of what a certain movement is? We've got you!

Access an entire library of video demos which are linked below each workout in the app

Demos include:

  • A real actual pregnant person performing each movement 
  • Voiceover directions giving you cues on what to remember with each movement
  • Quick! No need to watch a long tutorial, each demo is under a minute. 

#3 App for Quick Program Access

"I love the layout! The way the movements have associated videos directly below is so helpful"

-Kate R. 

  • The entire workout program can be quickly accessed within the teachable app. 
  • Workouts easily organized by week 
  • Easy quick access to the video demos you need for each workout. 

#4-Exercise Strategy Education Videos

It's not just what types of exercising you're doing in pregnancy, it's how you're doing those exercises. We know how you train in pregnancy will impact your long-term athletic performance which is why we are giving you something more than just workouts alone. 

Bonus education videos include:

  • How should you approach training in pregnancy? We'll talk you through getting your mind right
  • Breath, body positiioning, knowing your tendencies, we have a whole video about exercise strategy.

#5- Lifetime Access to the Program

Planning on having another baby? 

Cool! You'll have access to the program forever. You may even like doing these workouts again post-baby (just make sure you've given yourself time to heal first). 

Hundreds of women have done this program in the last year alone. Hear it straight from them

It's NEVER too late in your pregnancy to begin!

At 20 or 30 weeks pregnant you may find yourself wondering if it's even worth it to begin a program like this.  

The answer is YES! 

The second half of your pregnancy is when SO MUCH is changing in your body. It's when the majority of adapations in the program begin.  

Here's what Cassi N said:

"I got [the program] pretty late in my pregnancy. As a powerlifter/strongman athlete, I needed something that felt similar to what I was doing, but also gave me other things to do - without feeling like I was just doing prenatal yoga. So the small conditioning circuits were really helpful. They were not my normal activities but felt good on my body when I couldn't lift heavy anymore. Or honestly, didn't want to. It was nice to have a guide in those last few months."


  • Pregnant moms who like strength training and high intensity functional fitness
  • Pregnant athletes who want to maintain their strength levels through pregnancy while making considerations for their core and pelvic health. 
  • Everyday moms that enjoy working out and going to the gym. You’re athletes too!  
  • Pregnant athletes who have specific goals for their training and need a program to compliment them.  
  • Intermediate and advanced exercisers. This is not a program for beginners you’ll want to have some experience with weight training to get the most out of this program 
  • Pregnant moms who want to maintain their training at their gym or have access to equipment at home 

We WISH there had been a program like this back when we were first pregnant

Hi! I'm Heather

Heather is a Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach, Crossfit Trainer, and Swear word enthusiast. 

In 2013 I was pregnant with my first child and trying to keep up with everyone in my Crossfit gym. There was zero information out there for someone like me who liked working out intensly and wanted to continue to do so through pregnancy. 

After becoming a mother and shifting my training business to working primarily with mothers I turned my confusion into a

I live in Iowa with my husband, 3 daughters, and 2 big (kinda dumb) dogs. 

I'm Bri! 

CEO of Everyday Battles LLC and founder of the movement, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism which now has coaches across the world. 

I specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes, as well as educating coaches on how to help athletes navigate the physical and mental considerations of training during these chapters in a woman’s life. 

We can’t control every variable associated with pregnancy, labor, delivery, birth or motherhood in general. But exercise is something we do have control of which is exactly why Heather and I created this program. 

I live in Southern California with my husband, 2 sons, and our 3 legged dog. I wasn't wearing pants when we wrote 90% of this program. 


I had so many questions about what was "proper" exercise for me as a pregnant woman. 

I wanted to understand how I should feel during and after a workout to make sure I was doing what was best for me and my baby. 

I was surprised and wholly pleased to find not only movement guidance but also information on exactly what I should and should not be feeling when performing each movement. This gave me the confidence to approach each workout and allowed me to listen to my body as I progressed through the program.  

-Valerie L

I needed something that felt similar to what I was doing, but also gave me other things to do - without feeling like I was just doing prenatal yoga. So the small conditioning circuits were really helpful. They were not my normal activities but felt good on my body when I couldn't lift heavy anymore. 

I needed permission to tone down the intensity but still feel like I was following a program. 

-Cassi N

I wanted guidance for my workouts to help support and strengthen my body during my second pregnancy instead of winging it like I did during my first pregnancy.  

Looking back I did more harm than good during my first pregnancy in terms of my workouts. I “listened to my body and kept doing what I’ve always done” during my first pregnancy and definitely pushed myself too hard and did not scale/modify movements that I should have until it was too late.  

I paid for that postpartum and did not want to go through that again.  

This program gave me the guidance I needed and helped me know when I should be modifying or scaling back movements even if they “felt fine” in the moment.  

-Brittany B

I work as a Crossfit trainer but didn’t want the extra work of programming my own workouts throughout my second pregnancy. I had a lot of trust that Brianna and Heather had the right approach for me so I decided to gift the program to myself. 

I liked that it was very easy to modify for more challenging days and moderate days based on my symptoms. I’ve also been able to translate them into my home gym with limited equipment in the final trimester/weeks of pregnancy.

- Nikki L.

Don't just modify your regular gym workouts

When it comes to training through your pregnancy you have 2 choices.  

1) Showing up at the gym each day and modifying the workout as best you can. 

OR (and this is the better option

2) Following a program that matches the needs of your pregnant body. 

It's more than exercise modifications! 

Those are important, but what is more important is proactively choosing exercises that help support the function of your pregnant body

Your belly is growing which can leave you feeling all kinds of back discomfort, which is why focus a lot on posterior chain exercises (the posterior chain is the back side of your body. Think glutes, hamstrings, etc). 

Your boobs are growing and soon you'll be carrying a baby everywhere, which is why we want to train your upper back muscles with a variety of pushing and pulling exercises. 

In a matter of months you'll be lugging a carseat everywhere (it's so heavy!) in this program we will be performing a variety of weighted carrying exercises to prepare you. 

Yes, while you can modify workouts here and there, is that enough? 

We don't think so. 

We think your time is better spent following a program that meets your body where its at and prepares you for the demands motherhood is going to place on it.  


  • 4 workouts per week
  • Strength, conditioning, cardio, prehab, and interval style workout options. 
  • Video Demos for Every Exercise



Yes! Most of the adjustments to strategy and training happen after the 20-week mark anyway, and that still months and months of training to navigate. The second half of your pregnancy is truly when you need the MOST support.  


Yes! Click here for one full workout for the program. The first half consists of strength movements, there is a short metcon in the middle and a core/glutes finisher. The workout comes from Phase 5 which is designed for weeks 20-23 of pregnancy.  

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? This program is best completed at a gym, so you have full access to a range of equipment.  

You will need: dumbbells, barbell, resistance bands, med ball, kettlebell, bench, exercise bike, and rower. Find a link to the equipment we recommend HERE. 


The workouts are provided in a printable PDF AND in our program platform (an app)


Yes! Bring your workout to your gym and do it a long side of your friends and community members. 


If you have unique considerations specific to your pregnancy, we recommend you consult with a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. Heather offers remote coaching. Learn more here.


You get unlimited ongoing access to the program for as long as it is available. Should the program be discontinued, you will be given advance notice.  


Every week, every workout, is made to complement the exact chapter of pregnancy you’re in. 


Like having your workouts on paper? Download and print the easy-to-follow week-by-week workouts.  


Need some extra guidance? Follow along with the demonstration videos. Organized by workout and accessed through an app on your phone. 


It's more than just exercise selection. Learn the "why" and "how" behind training during pregnancy. 



This chapter of life may be temporary, but it has significant impact on your long-term athletic performance and how you feel on a daily basis. 

You deserve more than being left to your own guessing, or guidance from people who just don’t totally get it. 

We get it.  

Fitness s is part of who you are, adapting that fitness for pregnancy is hard. We want to help you do it in a way that feels good, is less stressful and less generic.  

We are with you.