“I’m actually kind of doing a good job at this whole life thing” ⠀

When was the last time you pulled yourself from the fog of motherhood, work, and your never ending to do list and said that? Out loud?

As I climb out of the haze that was #MetconsforMoms and the re-launch of the Hot & Healthy Life Fitness Program I’m noticing how proud I am of myself. Of how hard I worked, about how smoothly the challenge went. I want to air high 5 myself because that shit was hard AF. ⠀

But we don’t say that kind of shit out loud right? We don’t acknowledge our wins publicly because that would be bragging. We don’t want to be perceived as ego filled right? (I actually hated writing that whole paragraph where I said I was proud of myself FYI). ⠀

Moms we have to stop this shit!

It’s ok to acknowledge that you think you might actually be doing a good job at something. Even if its the smallest thing, even if you’re screwing up 1,462 other things. ⠀

If you’re crushing one area of your life. Or even doing an above average job you should acknowledge it. Out loud. You should clap back at a compliment someone gives you (@chrissyking has been an incredible teacher for me on this one) you should celebrate your small wins. You really should. ⠀

I feel like so many of us are waiting for this perfect moment to like ourselves, or be proud of ourselves. “When I accomplish this I will be worthy of praise, when I lose X amount of pounds I can celebrate, etc” ⠀


You’ve got to learn to acknowledge and celebrate the small shit that happens along the way.

We are all reaching for the next thing

And then the next thing

Chances are high that when you do achieve a goal you’ll already be onto the next thing and probablyst wondering why you’re so GD stressed out. ⠀

Am I master of this? No. But I’m trying. I think you should too.