Hi, I’m Heather.

Personal Trainer. Mom of 3 Girls. Swear Word Enthusiast. I work with moms from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond to maintain their strength and fitness during the crazy chapter that is motherhood.

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 Guidelines for Each Trimester
20+ Exercise Modifications
Red Flags To Watch For

how to strengthen your core postpartum

2 core mini "workouts"
Designed to strengthen your deep ab muscles
5 minutes each day.















everything changes when you become a mom

You think it won’t, but it does.

Your body is different, your time is limited and what happened to sleep?

But, your workouts make you… well you. Preserving that means everything for your mental health.

I get that.

Between my own experience of having 3 kids and my 7 years experience in training women I’ve developed some awesome resources to support moms who need help navigating fitness during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

You don’t have to lose that thing that makes you you just because you have a crazy mom life.