“just listen to your body” is actually really bad advice

Well intentioned maybe, but helpful? Not really. 
What are you supposed to be listening for? 

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty good at tuning out the voice in my head that tells me to slow down or stop. It’s second nature to push through a workout and finish strong. It’ll be fine right? 

But what if it isn’t fine? 

What you’re doing for exercise during pregnancy can have a lasting effect on how your body feels in postpartum and for the rest of your life.

I know you want to maintain your workouts during pregnancy and I 100% believe you can. But you need quality guidance and education which is exactly why I’ve put together these resources for you. I want you feel confident that what you’re doing for workouts in pregnancy (and how you’re doing them) are setting you up to be strong in the postpartum chapter and beyond.  


How to modify exercise in pregnancy

Guidelines for Each Trimester
20+ Exercise Modifications
Red Flags To Watch For

complete pregnancy workout program

4 Workouts a week.
Strength + Metabolic Conditioning
Video Demos
Guidance on Exercise Strategy
PDF Guide

read about pregnancy on the blog

A roundup of all my pregnancy related blog posts

it's more than just workout modifications
This FREE Guide will teach you what you need to know about exercise in pregnancy  to keep your body and baby safe!


Tips & recommendations for each trimester

Your body will change week by week, so should your training. Find out how.  


Exercise modifications

Dozens of exercise modifications you might not be aware of. 


Red Flags to watch for

When does an exercise become unsafe? We'll tell you what to pay attention to.  


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