Fitness Advice for New Moms

New moms, stressed out moms, tired moms, gather round there is something I need to tell you. And I would dare to say it’s my number one piece of fitness advice for new moms….

SOMETHING is better than nothing when it comes to exercise.

Now I know you used to make it to the gym for a 60-minute classes/sweat sessions. And I KNOW that it’s your goal to get back to that. But I also hear you and totally get it when you tell me it’s really hard to make that happen right now.

It’s going to be ok.

This isn’t forever.

See here’s the thing, right now, at this season of your life, you gotta do the best you can. And that might mean that you only do a 10 or 12-minute workout today.

That is fine. Sometimes you gotta let good enough be good enough.

Next week kicks off my #MetconsforMoms workout challenge because HELLO it’s not exactly easy to give yourself permission to only do a 10-minute workout. So I’m going to give you that permission and hope it transfers to you giving it to yourself. There is still time to sign up (It’s Free) Grab the details here.

What’s the alternative?

I’ve been coaching moms now for several years and the topic of exercise consistency comes up A LOT. So many of us struggle to get to the gym when

  • you have a new baby
  • or a sick toddler
  • Work is crazy AF
  • It’s summer and you don’t have childcare

You know how it goes…. This season of life is unpredictable.

While you’re waiting for stars to line up in some perfect way so you can get to the gym you’re missing so many incredible opportunities to get a 5 minute workout in. Or 10 minutes. To simply get your heart rate up, get your body moving and to DO SOMETHING.

In striving for perfection you’re missing opportunities to be good.

How about you stop doing that?

I know a 5 Minute workout might feel ridiculous, you’re capable of more right? I believe that about you too. This isn’t forever. There will be a time, likely sooner rather than later that getting to the gym consistently won’t be such an ordeal.  That’s why something is better than nothing is truly my number one piece of fitness advice for new moms. 

Can you even get in a good workout in 5 or 10 minutes?

Fitness tip for new moms

Listen, obviously it would be better if you could train for at least 20-60 minutes 3-5 times a week. A 5-10 minute workout daily is not going to win you any kind of physique awards. However, if you can bring some intensity to that 5-10 minute workout you’ll get your heart rate up, you’ll mentally feel better, over time you’ll likely see an improvement to how winded you feel during exercise and strenuous life activities.

And who knows, maybe after a few minutes of exercise you’ll be feeling great and decide to keep going for 10 more minutes.

The thing that I like about doing something, even if its’ super short, is that it gets you into a routine and keeps you in that routine. It will be easier to transfer this into longer workouts when the time is right for you.

Short workout ideas

So you’re coming around to this whole short workout idea, now you need to know WHAT to do. I got you.

#MetconsforMoms starts Tuesday, September 5th. I’ll be challenging you to complete 9 workouts in just 10 days. And yes, that’s a lot of workouts, but they are ONLY 10 MINUTES.  

All you’ll need is a set of dumbells and a jump rope. Get sweaty with hundreds of other moms who checking in on Instagram with this challenge as well. All the details and signup can be found HERE.