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All I want for Christmas… Is everything that Lululemon Sells.


But I’ve refrained…

Instead… I’ve compiled my FAVORITE items for YOU to buy for that fitness fanatic on your list (or for you to buy for yourself if you’re anything like me.

From the best freaking tea I’ve ever had to one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment these are the items that I’m SUPER excited to give (and GET) this year.


1. RX Jump RopeRX Jump Rope$40 for a jump rope. I know I know, but hear me out.

This is the best damn jump rope I’ve EVER used. Not only is it easy to transport for on the go workouts but if you or the person you are shopping for is a crossfitter this rope is great for helping string double unders together.

Bonus points for the fact that your rope is sized for your height AND you can select your handle colors and cable color.  Choose the hyper weight cable for a thinner style jump rope (my personal fav).

Get it HERE

2. Plyometric Box 

plyo box

I’m obsessed with my box.

Ok that sounds bad you get my point. Box jumps, step ups (with or with out weight), stretching there is SO MUCH you can do with a plyometric box.  It is a must have for anyone who works out at home.

What I like about this particular box is that it can be 3 different sizes depending on how you lay it. As you advance in fitness you can increase your box height or if both you and a spouse or buddy use it you have different options for height.

Get it HERE or HERE 

3. TRX Band

trx band

A TRX band is another must have add to your home gym. It’s perfect for traveling, folds up easily into a tiny bag that can fit in any carry on, and will give you a killer workout.

Not sure what to do with a TRX Band? Here are 45 exercises to get you started. 

4.Water Bottle 


Every health conscious person needs a good water bottle. The Lifefactory glass bottles are my personal favorite (with a straw cap).

If you want to get REAL crazy and techy you could go for THIS bottle that syncs with your smart phone to keep track of how much water you’re drinking on a daily basis.

Things to Wear

1. Funny T Shirts 

yoga butt veggieswomenstank

I’m a sucker for funny t shirts and these two are always a hit at the gym or yoga studio.  Buy them HERE or HERE.

2.  Leg Warmers 

leg warmers

This time of year leg warmers are my jam. Despite how stupid my husband and male friends think they look I am glad this style from the 80s is back. Lululemon makes some that I LOVE, but find them at Target too.

3. Shoes


By far the best cross training shoe I’ve come across are the Nano’s from Reebok. Yes they are a crossfit shoe, no you don’t have to do crossfit to wear them.

A slightly cheaper option is the Nano version 2.0. Same great shoe but with less bells and whistles which won’t matter much if you aren’t doing things like climbing ropes.

4. Sports Bra

energy bra

Keeping the girls pinned down during a workout is a necessity. I’m a big fan of Lulu’s sports bras. The energy bra gives you more coverage if you’re bigger chested (or pregnant) but the free to be bra is also a great choice for lower impact exercise.

I bought my first Lululemon sports bra in 2012 and that thing still looks brand new. Totally worth the price.

For the Foodie

1. Spiralizer


Subbing zucchini for pasta noodles is a HUGELY healthy switch that you should make in 2016. Not only are you ditching a carb but it actually tastes pretty good.

The paderno spiralizer rocks, but if you are looking for something a little smaller try this hand held version.

2. Stash Tea

teaI was introduced to this tea earlier this year and since then I’ve been a BIG fan. Stash has tons of fantastic tasting teas that come in sample packs so get creative and try something new.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to an organic or all natural tea 2016 might be the time to do that. I had no idea the amount of pesticides sprayed on teas until I read this post. Scary stuff.

3. Smoothie Set 

smoothie jar

On a whim I bought this smoothie jar earlier this year and now I can’t drink a smoothie without it. Yes its an overpriced mason jar but holiday gifts are about presentation right?

A few other resources for my smoothie lovers.

Tons of free recipes can be found here

Glass straws are the BOMB

Other Must Haves

1. Pre-Order this Book

not giving a fuck

Truth time… I have not yet read this book since it doesn’t come out for 2 weeks, but based on the title and description I’m pretty excited about it.

I cuss like a sailor though so that shouldn’t come as much surprise.

Get it HERE

2. Must Have Journal

self journal

This time of year I am always looking for my next journal/planner and this one gets my vote this year.

Its undated and instead of trying to organize by day by the hour like many other planners (hello I have a calendar on my phone for that) it keeps you focused on big tasks to accomplish, gratitude, and self reflection.

If a journal and a planner had a baby this would be it.

Get it HERE

3. The acne fighting machine aka the Tria Blue Light


A blue light that kills the bacteria that causes mild acne. I’m in love.

I’ve been using this gem for a few months and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Since having Piper I cannot combat the random chin breakouts that I’ve gotten. Using this puppy 2.5-5 minutes a day has made a huge difference.

Get the Tria Blue Light Here

There you have it. Christmas 2015 is in the bag.

Now I want to hear from YOU.

In the comments I want to know which of these products made it to your Christmas list!