3 Workouts I'm loving right now

The #1 concern I hear from ladies considering signing up for an exercise program (mine or anything really) is “I haven’t worked out in awhile, am I going to be able to hang with the workouts?” The answer is almost always YES. 

This idea that in order to be able to workout that you have to go balls to the wall for an hour simply isn’t true. You can get a fantastic workout in 20 minutes and not only can you include additional rest in that 20 minutes, you SHOULD rest when you need it.

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The thing is (and I talked about this on Facebook live yesterday) to get the maximum fat loss happening in your body you want to keep your intensity up. But you can’t function at a high level of intensity for 20 minutes straight, its just not going to happen. That’s where strategic rest comes in. Stopping for 10, 20, 60 sec and catching your breath then hopping right back into the workout at a level 7 (out of 10) is what you should be striving for. This promotes optimal fat loss both during your workout AND in the 24 hour or so period post workout.

SO… If you’re a newbie or you simply haven’t worked out in awhile that is OK. Don’t let it stop you from getting back in the game. Simply work hard, rest when you need to, and then jump right back in. 

Its about making progress, not doing things perfectly.

I thought today, since its almost Christmas and all, I would share with you 3 of the workouts that I’m really digging right now. These workouts are going to be pretty similar to what you would see in the free challenge happening in January and in my small group coaching program.

1. 12 Days Of Christmas Workout

Equipment Needed: Ideally a kettlebell, dumbells, and a bench or box HOWEVER this can be modified to need little to no equipment.

12 Days Of Christmas Workout

I just did this bad boy yesterday and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sore today. This workout is a little longer, but its fun this time of year to get a good burner in there.

Here are a few ideas for modifications if you are newer or don’t have lots of equipment:

  • Alternate your plank versions each round. I used high plank, forearm plank, side planks, knee plank, and reverse plank.
  • Russian Twists can be unweighted with your legs on or off the ground, or use a weight to up the intensity
  • If you don’t have a kettlebell you can use dumbells for the single leg deadlift. Hold them in each hand.
  • Kettlebell swings can be subbed with a dumbell
  • On the front squats you can do anything here from holding a barbell in front of your body (advanced), to holding a dumbell or light medicine ball (Maybe even your baby?) at your chest.
2. 1:1 Work Rest Ratio Workout

Equipment Needed: None

1:1 Work Rest Combo

This is a fantastic workout when you’re traveling because you need no equipment. Its also a great one if you’re easing back into workouts. Don’t be fooled though, just because you get 1 minute rest after each movement it will still be hard.

For this one try to keep your intensity between a 7-9 for your minute of work. Its just a minute, you can do anything for a minute. Then you can use the whole next minute to recover. This will be a 14 minute workout with rest.


  • To make it HARDER: Hold a Kettlebell (or some weight) for the air squats and lunges
3. Feel the Burn Workout

Equipment Needed: A Kettlebell



I LOVE this workout and I come back to it at least twice a month. The beautiful thing about this is you can exchange the run with any type of cardio (rowing is my personal fav but jump ropes, box jumps, elliptical, would all work) and you can sub the kettlebell swings with another strength movement (push ups, pull ups, thrusters, etc).

There you have it! Some quick workouts that you can do from home or your gym

Try one and let me know what you think!

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