Currently finding myself in a weird place… Not like the time in college I drunkenly went into my neighbor’s apartment instead of my own… A weird postpartum fitness place.

See I’m not exactly newly postpartum, Liv is almost 4 months, but I’m not exactly what I would consider normal either. I think a lot of postpartum moms feel this way so I thought a 4 month postpartum fitness update would be appropriate. 

This summer I completed the 8-week postpartum fitness program. It was a good mix of rehab and strength. After finishing it I find myself like “ok… now what?”

Can I go back to Crossfit?
Can I go back to doing things the way I used to?
Can I do the fun stuff yet like toes to bar and pull ups?
Am I ready to challenge my friend Annie Brees to headstand and handstand competitions yet? (Win or die trying…those are the only options)

Gosh I wish there was an exact answer to questions like these. I wish after 6 weeks of healing or 8 weeks of a postpartum program I would just magically be able to do all the things again.. 

Do you feel that way too?⠀

I’m finding though that it doesn’t really work that way. I’m Type-A so that bothers me immensely. Slowing down enough to experiment, to pay attention to my body, that’s hard work.

But it’s also exactly what this chapter of postpartum fitness keeps demanding of me right now. 

On an average day I’m trying a little bit of what used to be “normal”, noticing how it feels and going from there.

Some things, like pull up progressions and short interval jogging, feel great. Other things like hang cleans and jump rope feel terrible. I don’t really know until I try how something is going to go and that is irritating AF. 

I would tell a client or friend to “trust the process” but it can be hard to take my own advice. Remember, I want it all and I want it right now. 

The most import part of this postpartum fitness update is to keep telling your self the following:

Slow down⠀

It’s ok to not have to have all the answers right now⠀

Your “normal” in fitness will come back⠀

Nothing is harder than the first year postpartum so maybe try being patient with yourself for a hot second ⠀

And for God’s sake… pour yourself another cup of coffee you have 3 kids now, none of this only 10 oz a day B.S. 🤣☕⠀

If you’re starting your postpartum fitness journey and wondering how exactly to get back to exercise, you’ll want to get your hands on the guide I recently created. 

This is your A-Z guide to your first 16 weeks of postpartum fitness and it answers questions like: 

  • What can you do in the first 6 weeks after birth? 
  • How do you strengthen your core? 
  • What does your return to exercise look like? 
  • Should you be worried about diastasi recti? 

I breakdown everything I think you need to know about postpartum fitness in this guide.