Hospital Packing List

When it comes to packing a hospital bag its nerve wracking, especially your first time around.

Not only are you about to push a person out of your prized vagina then you are going to take care of them for the next 18+ years.  After the baby is born you will have lots of nurses to help you figure things out, but it doesn’t hurt to be well prepared and have the things you need right there with you.  So to avoid you stressing out because you’ve forgotten something, I’ve put together the ultimate list of what you WON’T need and what you will need to take with you when its time to birth that beautiful babe you’ve got kicking inside of you.

5 Things NOT to pack

1. Curling Iron/Flat Iron- I packed a flat iron and I never used it.  Now I’m pretty particular about looking cute, but I just did not have the time to get my hair flat ironed.  Blow dried yet, but not flat ironed.  The baby does sleep a lot those first few days, but still you’re exhausted, people are coming and going constantly, you just don’t have the extra time to primp that much.

2. Diapers/Wipes- The hospital will provide these for you so no need to break into your own stash yet.  Tip: under the baby bassinet there will be drawers filled with diapers and wipes.  Before you leave the hospital take EVERYTHING in those drawers.  Nobody wants to miss out on free diapers.

3. 17 outfits for the baby- I know you have gotten so many cute outfits as gifts recently and it is super hard to decide what you want to put them in first, but save yourself the hassle and just pick 2 or 3 things to bring.  I packed a super cute going home outfit, 1 additional cute onesie, and a woombie for Piper.  The first day she wore the onesie and the woombie, and the second day she wore the cute going home outfit.  That’s it.  Keep in mind that they will still have their belly button stump so don’t put them in something that is going to rub on that too much.  The button up outfit I put Piper in to come home in really rubbed on her stump and after just a few short hours in it her belly button was all red.  I felt pretty sad about it when I saw it.

4. Anything White- I’m not sure if anyone has explained to you that you are going to be bleeding after the baby is born.  LIKE A LOT.  For a few weeks.  Those first couple days are a little bit messy so save yourself the trouble and don’t wear white until things are a little more manageable.

5. Baby Toys- These ones seems obvious, but apparently its not.  Your kid has just entered the world.  They have zero interest in any toys.  For them just adjusting to light is enough to be overstimulating.  So please don’t bring anything to dangle in front of them or shake in front of them.  They don’t care.  They just want you to hold them and put your tits in their face.  That’s it.

Now what will you need?

Here is my rundown of things that you should pack.


Laptop & Charger

Ipad & Charger

Phone & Charger

Camera (make sure its charged up)

Personal Items For Mom

Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hair product, bodywash, lotion, facial skincare items, tooth paste)

Nipple Cream (I swear by this stuff)


Glasses/Contacts (if you wear them)

Hair Ties

Headbands (If thats your thing)


Blowdryer (the hospital might have one, you should check first)


Face Wipes (to remove your makeup if you get too tired to go wash your face)


Clothes for Mom

Comfy pants (at least 2 pairs)

Nursing Tanks

Nursing Bra (I loved these the first few weeks)

2 long sleeved shirts or cardigans/zip up hoodies to go over the nursing tank


Outfit to wear home (keep it loose fitting and/or comfy, no skinny jeans)

Underwear 1 size up (to accommodate the diaper pad you get to wear!)


Flip flops

Swim suit (if you are planning on laboring in the tub and you don’t want everyone to see you all naked and stuff)


Pillows (for both mom and dad, the hospital ones suck)

Baby Book

Protein Bars/Snacks


Boppy Pillow

Water Bottle

Larger canvas bag/tote to take things home in

For Baby

2 onesies

2 going home outfits (1 newborn, 1 0-3 months)

Baby Nail File (I like this one)

Hat to wear home (depending on the time of year you are delivering)

Mittens (so they don’t scratch themselves)

Velcro Swaddler or Woombie (I recommend this, this, or this).

Baby Shusher (we used this on Piper in the hospital and it worked wonders from the get go)

Car seat (make sure it is installed properly in the car before you have the baby!)

Soft Blanket (the hospital ones are so scratchy)

I will say that I legitimately used everything on this list.  Its annoying I know to pack all this crap for the hospital, but you’re going to need it.  Tyler may have thought I was slightly crazy when I told him we had to bring all of this stuff with it, but he totally ate his words when he saw us using it all.  Now he is finally understanding that even though babies are tiny you need all kinds of stuff for them.

What essentials would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments below!

Oh and hey, you’re about to have a baby…. Its going to incredible. 

Piper and dad