Sometimes life on Instagram looks like you have it all together. A family, a cool career, perfectly placed pillows, whatever.

My life feels like I have all the things that should (and do) make it cool and wonderful.⠀

But the truth is that ALL of those things aren’t always flowing as perfectly as it may seem. ⠀

Yes I have:

  • An awesome marriage⠀
  • A cool job⠀
  • Happy kids ⠀
  • Tasty meals on the table⠀
  • A fitness routine I love ⠀

But I sure as shit don’t have all of these things AT THE SAME TIME. ⠀

I feel like 2 MAYBE 3 of these things are going well at any given time. The rest is just a crapshoot. ⠀

With #MetconsForMoms and subsequently me opening enrollment for my online coaching program my business is operating front and center in my life right now. ⠀

I’m busy AF. ⠀

My kids seem mostly happy. ⠀

2 things for the win. ⠀

My marriage on the other hand?

It’s steady. It’s not flourishing.

I could be nicer, more patient, more excited to spend time with my amazingly supportive husband. ⠀

Meals on the table? Sure they are there. I paid someone else to do that for me though. ⠀

A fitness routine? I’m about 50% reliable as your gym buddy right now. Just ask Annie Brees she’ll tell you how annoyed she is about it. ⠀

Balance is bullshit.

In my opinion, anytime you’re doing exceedingly well in one area of your life you’re probably dropping the ball in another. ⠀

I am definitely not knocking it ALL out of the park right now. And that is 100% ok with me. ⠀

Things will shift as they always do, a new set of challenges will face me. That is life and I can tell you first hand the sooner you can get ok with that the sooner you’re going to find yourself happier in the everyday instead of waiting for some perfect set of circumstances to happen to allow you to feel happy. ⠀

Some area of your life is always going to feel kind of like a mess, other areas will feel like you’re killing. ⠀
That makes you a normal human. Congrats!