From 2007 to 2017. ⠀

2007: Drinking LOTS. A big ol love of pills. A real strong “I can’t do that mentality.” I can’t lift that, I’m not strong, I’m not capable, I can’t run. I don’t exercise. ⠀

2017: Mom. Wife. Lover of life. Confidant AF. No longer popping pills, strong (hell yeah I can lift that, no I do not need your help to do so), lover of intense workouts, weights, coffee, and nutritious food. Still eats cookies.

I’d like to tell you that I knew what I was doing when I decided I gave a fuck about living a healthier lifestyle.

I didn’t. ⠀

My slow and steady approach, changing one thing at a time in my life, happened on accident. After failing at oh about 42 different “plans” (I talked more about this last week on instagram) I decided to change one thing at a time. ⠀

That was all I could handle. ⠀

First, I started eating more vegetables.
Then I started to buy higher quality meat ⠀
And drinking green smoothies ⠀
I started some light exercise⠀
And THEN Crossfit. ⠀

I didn’t join crossfit, go on a 30 day sugar detox, limit myself to 1200 calories a day, and try to do it all. I know now that is the surest way to crash and burn.

I went the slow route. Again, by accident.

And that accident set the tone for the kind of coach I ended up being. You want a 30 day cleanse? I’m not your coach. You want to talk about how bad you are for eating a cookie? See ya sister, you aren’t going to like what I have to say about that. ⠀

You want to workout, be consistent, have a bad week, miss your workouts, come back try again? Oh well then we will get along great.