So you want to create a home or garage gym?! You’re in the right place because I’ve got one and today I’m taking you on a tour of it.

Please keep in mind that you DON’T have to do this all at once. I know it’s so tempting to see something on Pinterest or a blog and think you need it all RIGHT NOW, but you really don’t.

It’s taken me years to build my garage gym setup to what it is today.

Home Gym Equipment

Rig/Squat Rack

Everything started for me with a rig. For those of you that don’t do Crossfit a rig is your customizable base of your gym set up. It almost always includes a pull up bar and J-Hooks so you can rack a barbell.

The rig that I have is from Rogue. You can find it HERE.

If space is an issue, I recommend THIS from PRX Performance. It folds up into the wall and only takes up 4″ of space. This is what we used at our old house when we didn’t have as much space.

I like a rig vs a traditional squat rack because of the pull up bar. You may be thinking, “But Heather I can’t do pull ups.” Girl, that’s why you need a pull up bar, time to practice.

If a traditional rig isn’t in your budget right now, you can look at a squat rack with pull up bar like THIS one. Its a little less sturdy but it gets the job done.

Dumbbells + Kettlebells

As I write this we are in the middle of the covid pandemic and dumbbells can be hard to come by. Ideally you would have multiple sets of dumbbells. To start have something a little lighter and a little heavier and then continue to add as your budget allows.

Places I often look for dumbbells + kettlebells are:

1. Amazon Dumbbells & Kettlebells
2. Rogue
3. Titan Fitness
4. PRX Performance
5. Wal-Mart
6. Facebook Marketplace

Resistance Bands

I like having both a set of long resistance bands and short resistance bands. The long ones I use for pull up assists, upper body accessory work, etc. The short ones are necessary for glute work.

Here are a couple of great options:

1. Bands with handles
2. Bands without handles
3. Miniature resistance bands.

Plyometric Box

Some people are handy and they make these. I am not so I purchased mine from PRX Performance.

Cardio Equipment

Ideas for cardio equipment include: a rower, ski erg, assault bike, treadmill, elliptical.

These can get pricey and I’ve added maybe 1 piece of equipment/year to my gym.

What I have is:

Assault Bike
Water Rower (The Concept 2 rower is also great)
Peloton Treadmill (got it off Facebook marketplace)
Peloton Bike (Bought it from a friend)

Weight Bench

I use my bench all the time. Exercises like bench presses, split squats, incline push ups/planks, bent over rows, etc.

You can find a basic bench like THIS on amazon.

The rack I store it on can be found here.

Wall Balls + Slam Balls

These are a “nice to have” but I’d certainly say they are lower on the list of priority as I don’t use it a ton.

Rogue + PRX have great options.

Bonus Items + Storage

Dumbbell + Kettlebell Storage

Here is what I have.
Some fancier options.

Band + Hanging Storage

I don’t like a lot of clutter. This rack has been helpful for getting things up off the floor.

Plate + Barbell Storage

Barbell Holder (you can find a single one on their website as well)
Plate storage

A Dog

Huge necessity of a home gym.

A Sled

My sled is for sure on of the most fun things I’ve added to the gym in the last few years. It’s also really funny to watch my neighbors faces when I walk around the cul-de-sac pulling. a sled.

Rogue makes a great option for a sled that you can find here.

That’s it!

Workouts for your Home Gym!

You’ve got everything you need for your home gym except the coaching. For programming you can do from home check out The Practice Brave Fitness Program. It’s the fitness community created by myself + Brianna Battles.

You’ll get strength training and conditioning in 30 minutes a day, 3-4 Days/week plus access to a community of women with similar goals.

Access full program details here.

That’s it! Make sure to tag me in your garage gym/home gym photos on Instagram. I’m Heather.Osby over there.