I have an 8 month old.  A crawling, standing, babbling 8 month old.  I know I say this a lot, but this really is the best stage yet.  She is so much fun, she is sleeping much better (most of the time), and she knows how to make me laughing.  I can’t just plop her down on the floor and walk away anymore because she is everywhere, but other than that 8 months is a pretty sweet age.

As always every new month comes with things I learn and its own set of challenges.  Here is the last month of my life in gif’s.

One day I turned around and saw Piper standing up holding onto the furniture like she owned they place.  The only thought in my head is…


There are days that after she goes to sleep I’m mentally exhausted and my husband wants to have sex so he starts touching me and I’m all like NO.

no sex

Sometimes in the morning I put Piper in our bed in hopes that I can get like 15 more minutes of sleep (because no matter how much sleep I got its never enough).  Every morning I think its going to go well, but instead it goes like this


I spend a ton of time making her a really yummy meal and then she throws it on the ground and wants something different

fuck this shit

She is constantly trying to stick her finger in the electrical sockets.  I firmly tell her no and in response she gives me this EVIL look.  



Trying to dress a 7 month old is just ridiculous.  I go to put on her clothes and she does this



We are working on drinking out of a sippy cup with a straw.  Most of the time it goes well, sometimes it goes like this



We got her a walker to walk behind, she isn’t great at it yet.  Kind of looks like this

When its super quiet while the baby is alone in the bathroom you should be worried

When I tell Tyler its his turn to put the baby to bed and he gets all pissy about it, I’m like:

 Piper learned how to “fake cry” I’m onto her

When I see moms fighting on the internet about different parenting styles I feel like this

When you try to clean the baby’s face with a wash cloth she gets super PISSED

And sometimes, just sometimes I wake up in the morning and realize the baby has been asleep since 7 pm.  I’m all like:

I can’t believe this first year is flying by as fast as it is, but I’m grateful to have such a healthy happy baby.

Tell me

What is your favorite stage of baby-hood? Anything I should be looking forward to or dreading? Tell me in the comments below.