There is something about having a spray tan that makes me feel like the hottest chick on the block.  

I could literally do NOTHING different with my hair, makeup, or attitude but feel like a whole new woman once I’m tan.

Does this make me shallow? 

I’m not sure, and honestly I don’t even really care.  If a $30 spray tan can change my mood and give me that I’m sexy and I know it mentality, I’m all about it.

Fake it til you make it right?

But what about when you’re breastfeeding? 

I got my first spray tan 7 days after I had Piper.  Why? Because no one feels sexy at 7 days postpartum.  Your belly looks weird, your tits, well they look pretty great, but also weird, and if you are anything like me you are still carrying water weight in your legs, plus don’t even get me started about the bleeding (OH MY GOD!).  Sexy!

I had a friend that did spray tans and she offered to come to my house and spray me down.  How could I refuse that offer? About 5 minutes before she showed up though I had the thought,

“Oh shit, what about my boobs.”

Since I was nursing a kid every 2 hours and I couldn’t shower for 8 hours I was going to run into a little bit of a problem.

I didn’t think spray tan solution went well into a newborn’s diet so I had to figure something out.  

I’d just like to mention at this point that I am like the Indiana Jones of being a mom.

Ok maybe not really, but it sounds cool.

The no-fail technique to getting a spray tan while breastfeeding


Yep a breast pad

Seems too ridiculously easy to work, but I promise it is.  I just had the gal who was spraying me hold this over my boob while she was spraying my chest.  Yes I had a weird circle around my boob, but honestly the only person seeing that was my kid and she didn’t seem to mind.  Even with low cut tank tops on you still couldn’t see the line. Still not convinced? Trying sticking one of these over your nipple  AND doing the breast pad and you will be doubly covered.  I was wearing one of these practically every day the first few weeks of breastfeeding so it was no big deal. medela hydrogel

Now what about the bronzer?

Like I mentioned before you can’t shower for 8 hours after getting a spray tan.  In that time the bronzer can transfer REALLY really easily.

Here are a few quick tips to avoid giving your baby a second hand spray tan. 

1. Wear a nursing tank top that day.  The kind where you can clip it down from the shoulder, then only your boob is exposed and they won’t have to touch your stomach.

2. Wear long sleeves.  You and baby.  Seems obvious. Black preferred. 

3. If you are at the point you are pumping, give them a bottle for 1 feeding and you can pump to replace the feeding.  This gives things a little more time to dry. And if worse comes to worse your kid will just end up looking like this

4. Ask for the rapid spray tan option. Some salons will have a quick solution that allows you to shower within 1-3 hours. This usually costs a little bit more HOWEVER, its worth it when you’re nursing. 

spray tan baby I want to hear from you!

Do you have any tips and tricks for avoiding getting that spray tan bronzer all over everything including your baby? Tell me in the comments below how you manage!

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