Goals Suck Thumnail 2

Keep setting goals over and over but failing to ACTUALLY achieve any of them?

I get it. I used to have the SAME problem.

Then I came up with a little trick that honestly changed everything for me.

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Ready to Go Deeper?

These 4 tips will help you take your goals to the next level.

Tip #1: Attack your goals 1 at a time

Don’t get me wrong I love having a list of 1-3 goals for each area of my life. Its nice to have an overall idea of where you are CURRENTLY at and where you WANT TO be.

I challenge you though, instead of trying to change ALL of those things at once instead focus on 1 big goal at a time.
For example….
Instead of trying to improve your diet, exercise, sleep more, journal nightly, stop yelling at your kids, AND having a date night with your husband weekly spend 1 month focusing on exercising 3 times a week AND getting to bed by 1030 during the week.
You might be surprised that by focusing on just that 1 thing, other areas of your life (like healthier eating) will start to fall into place on their own.
Research shows it can take on average…67 days to make a habit so give yourself some time for your new change to feel natural! Once the exercise feels like an automatic part of your life THEN and only then add in another change to your life (like cutting back on sweets or quitting soda)
Tip #2: Choose small manageable changes 
The key word here is manageable.
For many of us, going cold turkey off all sugar might not be so manageable.
And even though you might need to drastically reduce your sugar intake going cold turkey (for some) might night be the right idea for YOU.
What if instead you tried simply quitting candy? Or not buying anything sweet from the grocery store (aka don’t have it in your house).
Other ideas might be:
  • Reducing the creamer in your coffee
  • Skipping the lattes at Starbucks
  • Quitting donuts (or cookies, or cupcakes, whatever your indulgence is)

Tip #3 Add more good things INTO your life 

We spend a lot of time thinking about all the things we need to GET RID of from our life. Sugar, carbs, technology, stress, etc.

How about instead of focusing on what you want to have LESS of we focus on what we want MORE of. Fruits and vegetables, sleep, leisurely reading time, water, walking, etc.

We can let those new GOOD habits we are creating CROWD OUT the bad ones

Tip #4 Schedule time to evaluate your progress
I used to feel like I was failing constantly because I wasn’t reaching the goals I had laid out. I always felt like there was MORE work to do (and spoiler alert…there will always be MORE work to do).
But then when I stepped back and evaluated where I was 3 months or 6 months ago and where I am today I was kind of amazed by the changes I HAD made.
Take a moment to look back and maybe even pat yourself on the back for all you HAVE accomplished.
If you’re feeling super inspired. Check out Gary Keller’s Book, The Only Thing. Total game changer for me!