“I haven’t been able to workout for 6 weeks straight in my entire life. How sad is that?” ⠀

That’s what a friend said to me not too long ago. I could feel her shame coming through the text message. ⠀

I’ve noticed over the years that people sometimes compare themselves to me when it comes to how fit or active they are. Putting me on a pedestal and them below me as if there is a scale that makes someone better than someone else. ⠀

What I think people don’t see about me is that I haven’t always been this way. I wasn’t born athletically gifted. I’ve never been a runner, I’m only good at 1 kind of ball sport and we did not play that one in PE.
I’ve tried and failed like 100x to be be “fit” over the years. Judging myself as a weak or a loser every time a certain type of exercise didn’t stick for me. ⠀

In my life I’ve tried/quit the following things: ⠀

  • Running Indoors⠀
  • Running outdoors⠀
  • A 6 week kickboxing/resistance band bootcamp⠀
  • Hip Hop Dance (tho that one was fun)⠀
  • Lifting with a trainer at a 24/7 fitness place⠀
  • Another 6 day a week bootcamp ⠀
  • Workout DVDS⠀
  • Running again⠀
  • At home workouts ⠀

I seriously quit all of those things each time thinking: I just am not an exerciser. But also being super shamey to myself. “Why can’t you follow through on anything!” “Why are you lazy” “Why do you suck so bad!?” ⠀

I’ve been known to be quite cruel to myself you guys. ⠀

And then in 2012 I found Crossfit. It completely changed my life. All of a sudden I was working out 4-5 times a week. I was drinking protein shakes, I was EXCITED to go to the gym. ⠀

I had found my thing. ⠀

My point in telling you this isn’t to recruit you into my Crossfit cult. It’s to encourage you that if you aren’t consistent with exercise yet, there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t suck. You probably just haven’t found your thing yet. Keep trying. Because I was once a girl that got picked last for sports, didn’t eat vegetables, and quit every exercise regimen I started. Look at me now.

But promise me one thing? You won’t let your thing be #soulcycle because I still hate them.