We are closing down 2021 and that means it’s time for a holiday gift guide!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things and products I get the most DMs about. These are things I use and love personally, some of them are affiliate links that I might get a small commission if you purchase.

Fitness Gifts

Dumbbells- You don’t need fancy dumbbells! I like the Amazon basics one, but the bottom line is, if possible have access to light, medium and some heavy options for weights if you workout at home.

Kettlebells– If you have a barbell you might not need kettlebells, but they are a great option for anyone who does not have space or budget for a barbell. I like having a heavier option (70 lbs) for deadlifts and something lighter to use for kettlebell swings during a metcon (20-35 lbs).

Hip Thruster Bench– Hands down I get the most DMs ever about this bench. Everyone wants to know where it comes from. You’ve got to know that the price is stupid expensive, but I use it CONSTANTLY for:

Hip thrusts
Feet elevated glute bridges
Rear foot elevated split squats
Inclined pushups

I suspect the reason why it is so expensive is due to the material on the bottom of the bench, that holds it in place. This bench does NOT move no matter how much force I put against it. This comes in majorly handy if hip thrusts are a part of your fitness routine.

If you’re looking to build or expand your home gym put this on your wish list!

Resistance Band– Love me a heavy resistance band that I can use for all things glutes. I will use this during my warm up and well as accessory glute work (think lateral band walks and glute kickbacks).

Want more ideas for setting up your home gym? I have an entire post dedicated to my home gym which includes a tour + links. Find that here.

Fashion Gifts

Vuori Leggings– I discovered the daily legging this year and I’m a huge fan. I still wear and recommend Lululemon Aligns and Wunder Unders but these are a really nice option as well that is different from what I’ve seen at Lulu. I like the fit and the length and the drawstring is super cute.

Birkenstock Slippers– I picked these up last year and I wear them basically 24/7 because work from home life. I’ve even got my husband wearing them now too.

Able Sweater I saw Jen Hatmaker wearing the cutest sweater awhile back and decided to pick one up for myself. I am NOT a sweater person. They are normally hot and scratchy and make me want to rip my clothes off, but not this one. Its soft and comfy and I wish it came in more colors. Make sure to check their site for coupon codes, I’ve noticed they usually have one!

Bombas Socks- Typically I think socks are foot coffins, HOWEVER, I love my Bombas and wear them around the house all winter long.

Personal Favorites

Saranoni Blankets– I am OBSESSED with these blankets. I own 4, I send them as a gift to everyone including Brianna Battles who is now just got sent a free robe from the company because they want her as a brand ambassador (it’s fine, I’m fine).

Book of The Month Subscription– On a whim I subscribed to book of the month over a year ago. I figured I’d never use it and have to cancel. I was super wrong. Its renewed my love of reading and I like my girls seeing me reading an ACTUAL book because when I was reading on an iPad they just assumed I was playing games and wanted to do the same. Now they want to read books too.

Trade Coffee Subscription– I’m in a coffee of the month club and I’m not ashamed no matter how much shit my husband gives me. I’m a bit of a coffee snob and I like having new choices shipped to me each month. I rate them and they continue to send me more things that match my flavor profile. I love it so much. Get a bag of coffee free with this link.

Aloha Waterproof Bag Facebook ad got me again here. This summer I was looking for a bag for the lake and picked this one based on an ad. Turns out, it’s cute + waterproof and holds all my family’s crap that we need on the boat (it’s a lot of grap).

Salad Scissors– Ok it’s stupid how happy these scissors make me. Salad with normal size lettuce… no. Chop it? Best thing ever. My friend Ashley Pardo is always posting good salad ideas on her Instagram stories so I basically just copy here and then chop it up.

Volcano Candle + Diffuser– This candle will be on every favorite list of mine until the end of time. If you’re familiar with the Anthropolgie candle, this it. If candles aren’t your thing they now make it in a diffuser as well.


I mentioned above that I’m reading quite a bit again these days thanks to The Book of the Month Club. These are my Top 5 favorite books this year.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
The One
Malibu Rising
Too Good To Be True
The Last Thing He Told Me

Kids Gift Guide

My friend Kristen over at Iowa Girl Eats put together a gift guide for kids so instead of reinventing the wheel, go check it out here. Lots of great ideas that I picked up for my own kids.

That’s it! I hope you have an awesome holiday season with your family.. Make sure we’re connected on Instagram if we aren’t already!