Glute workouts to ditch the mom butt

I have put together my favorite glute workouts to help you ditch the mom butt.

I’ve got a confession to make….

But not like THAT kind of butt stuff.

The kind of butt stuff I’m talking about is training your glutes to not only look good but to help your body feel good and keep you free of injury.

Moms…. You’ve got to train your glutes. You’ve absolutely got to.

Wondering why?

Because they take a beating during pregnancy and in your everyday mom life of holding babies. Stong glute muscles will help your overall alignment, support your core and pelvic floor, help prevent injuries to your hips and low back, and give the ability to lift heavy shit.

I have put together 3 of my favorite mini-workouts for your glutes (I like to call them finishers) for you today that you can throw at the end or the beginning of your regular workouts and get the burn (and the strengthening) going ASAP.

These workouts use a resistance band. Need a mini resistance band? Find my favorite one HERE

Below are all 3 Mini Workouts to help you strengthen your glutes and ditch that mom butt!

Glute Mini Workout #1 

Glute Mini Workout #2

Glute Mini Workout #3

Are you still looking for more? Tempted to type into Google any of the following…glute exercises for women, glute exercises at home, glute exercises gym, etc.? Or if you just want to know what to throw these mini workouts in front of or behind I’ve got you covered! Check out my new blog post on how to build a BIG STRONG BUTT!

Need a PDF you can print off of the 3 Glute Mini Workouts? Grab that below for free.