Glute Exercises are the BEST

Do you find yourself searching for glute exercises for women, glute exercises at home, glute exercises gym, etc.? I don’t blame you!

Glutes, 100% my favorite muscle group to train. 

If I’m headed out to my garage gym chances are 100% that I’ll be doing glutes. #sorrynotsorry⠀

Yes I love a big strong butt but that’s not the only reason I prioritize glute exercises. Strong glutes are extremely helpful in keeping the body feeling well and injury free. In pregnancy so much of our weight shifts to the front half of our body (hello baby and big boobs) and we start to tuck our glutes underneath of us. This can often lead to that pancake butt look and a lot of aches and pains in your back and hips.

For me personally glute training has a ton with that fun low back pain I’ve had since having kids. 

Other reasons to train glutes: 

✅ Strong glutes help support the function of the pelvic floor⠀

✅ In pregnancy strong glutes will help stabilize the pelvis and ward off some of the aches and pains

✅ Strong glutes make it easier to jump higher, run faster, and live an active lifestyle pain free

✅Nobody wants a mom butt. It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel good. Find out more on how to improve that HERE

In the very near future I’ll be putting out a program of glute finishers (Thinking about calling it Butt Stuff with Heather…. What do you think?). They will be short finishers you can add to the end of your workouts. 

Until then, add some of these glute exercises into your workout regimen. 

Heather’s Favorite Glute Exercises

Glute Exercises for A Big Strong Butt



3. Glute EXERCISES with band (Mini)

If you need some bands to add to your collection these are the ones I like 

Glute Loop- This is a super strong band, I can’t use it for every exercise, but I like to have it on hand. 

Mini Band CollectionSide note: These are great to throw in your suitcase for when you want to do glute exercises during your travel workouts. 

I incorporate many of these exercises into my Pregnancy Fitness Program and my Postpartum Fitness Program. Both of which are available now.